Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vacation with Grandchildren

Danielle, Brandon, Kearstyn, Loralie along with Paul and Melynda went with me to visit Kentucky.  We stayed in a cabin at Jellystone Park and visited caves in the area.  I opted out of a canoe trip and one trip to Mammoth Cave, but swam a lot with the littlest one, Loralie.  She grew braver and more adventurous in the water and by the end of the week was on her own with her waterwings.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Selecting Fabrics

So there is another mystery coming and for me it is not really a mystery.  Special Projects, at my guild is doing a 3 part mystery starting in August and I am one of the people who is making up samples.

It requires 3 fabrics with the background a 3 yard piece.  I didn't have any 3 yard pieces in my stash as the only large pieces I have are dark prints that I use for backings, so I went shopping.  I did it spur of the moment but I knew I had several different blues in my stash that would work for the dark fabric that I needed 1 and 3/4 yards of so I just needed a background and another piece 1 and 3/4 as an accent.

I originally selected the light blue and yellow batik as my background but then I switched backgrounds when I selected the yellow.  I auditioned several blues from my stash and this is what I decided on:

At one point before I went shopping I thought about breaking up an old UFO and using those fabrics for this mystery.  In 2010 I took a class in Eleanor Burn's Day and Night and used three fabrics in the one block I made.  I thought I could use that fabric and eliminate a UFO at the same time.  Unfortunately I had precut the fabric for the quilt, so I couldn't use it.  Also I bought the fabric in 2005 or so from Eleanor Burn's tent sale in Paducah so it would be difficult to match the teals.  It is light teal on a creamy white, dark teal and red violet as an accent.  I don't think the red violet shows up well in this pic but it is a nice color combo

Great Great Nieces

I was in Michigan last weekend for a retreat but I also got to meet my newest great great niece.  I did misspell her name in the Hexi post – it is Katelyn Anne and she was born June 18th.  Her Grandmother is my niece Cathy.  Cathy is only 4 years younger than me and we grew up like sisters. 

Next two picks of Katelyn's big sister Jenni.  Jenni moves around so quickly I had a difficult time snapping her picture.  The upside down one is when she landed on the floor in front of me to have her diaper changed.

Another great great niece, Clarabelle who is also Cathy's granddaughter  - a cousin to the two little girls