Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mystery fabrics chosen and pineapple blocks

I have chosen fabrics for Bonnie Hunter's upcoming mystery.  These are the colors I think I will use. I am substituting charcoal grey/black for the browns and purple/lavender for the melon/salmon. I know Bonnie's colors are complementary turquoise/melon and mine are not.

And I keep adding pineapple blocks, they are quick to make when I don't fuss on color placement.  I do think I probably need sashing.  This will probably be a couch throw - fun, but not beautiful.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Scrappy Pineapple Blocks

At a recent small group sewing day I was finishing up my pineapple quilt.  I had put it aside with 79 blocks and now I have a top with 100 blocks.  I picked out border fabric and will show pictures soon.

When I revisited Gyleen Fitzgerald Trash to Treasure pineapple ruler I decided to make one of the pineapples with just every color and no order.  Adding pieces at random.  These blocks are 5 rounds.  I am thinking of adding grey corners and grey sashing because I like how it looks on the gray design wall.  Originally all blocks were going to be yellow centered but I am branching out to different colors now.

These equal mindless mental health sewing that I like to start my day with.  I am stretching my comfort a little with their randomness.  I have seen beautiful quilts made with these but I think I will add the grey sashing.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Deborha Boschert Workshop

Friday I took a workshop  with  Deborah Boschert.  This is her website http://deborahsstudio.com/
From her website this is the description of the class:

"Captivating Compositions for Art Quilts
Deborah introduces eight design guides that get the creative juices flowing. Look at examples of captivating compositions from fine art and the quilt world. Create a “sketch” for each of the design guides using fused fabrics. Learn to edit, audition and improvise using a super helpful design checklist. Explore adding details with machine and hand stitching. Your completed set of fabric sketches can be used as instruction and inspiration for future art quilts."

She is a great teacher.  She is helpful, clear, encouraging and supportive.  I feel like I grew with this class. Below are the sketches I made - note some will get more stitching eventually but I stopped playing with them because I am eager to take what I have learned to a bigger project.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


This rainy morning I woke up groggy which is unusual for me and Brandon couldn't find his band t shirt they wear on Thursdays.  I looked but couldn't find it either.  He rather blithely said, "oh, you can bring it to me at 6th or 7th period"  Not knowing where it is (he probably left it in his band locker) and it is not a priority uniform thing more a solidarity thing -  I looked at him and thought, "yeah, that's probably not going to happen". Which is how I feel when someone suggests I do mending or make something for someone.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tumbling Blocks Top

Top is almost finished.  I took this picture before I added grey pieces to the side cut outs.  I just need to fill in the bottom and then make the corners where needed.  I am not sure how I am going to quilt it, but I like it.  Originally as I was constructing it I had it flipped with the grey section on the right rather than the top, but I think I will leave it this way. I have to trim the top straight also.  It is a little confusing because my design wall is grey.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I won a sewing machine!

Last weekend I participated in the North Texas Shop Hop.  It was the first time I'd ever visited every shop in a shop hop which is much easier to do now that I am retired.  I got a lot of ideas from seeing projects, fabric, displays but there wasn't anything particular I was shopping for though I did try to buy at least a fat quarter from every shop. 

I found out this morning that I won the gift basket from one of the shops.  If you visited all 11 shops then you were in a drawing for a $200 gift basket - each of the 11 shops was giving away one.  I won from Sew It UP  which is a lovely Bernina store with very cute fabric.  This is what they gave me:

I am very happy.  I feel so blessed.  I think this will make a great machine to take to workshops and now when my granddaughters visit we will be able to have 2 machines going at the same time.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

guild workshop tablecloth

After being part of the Programs Team my 2 yr term is ending this month.  I am happy to have time off with no responsibilities at guild meetings starting in October.  In the 2 years it hadn't occurred to me to quilt the tablecloth we use to designate the workshop sign up table.  We inherited the job and it came with a cotton cloth hemmed with the word "Workshops" fused on.  At the quilt show last month a member suggested I quilt it so that has been my most recent project.

The first picture shows a practice piece that I played with designs.  The fabric print is very busy so not much shows.  I did a flange binding in bright colors.