Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Lancaster Photos

There were two quilt shows in Lancaster, the AQS one and the Lancaster Spring Quilt Show.  The second quilt show had a display of old signature quilts and it also had the Quilt As Desired Exhibit- This exhibit features twenty-four (24) vintage quilts that have been longarm-machine quilted by various quilters including Sue Patten, Jamie Wallen, Karen McTavish, DeLoa Jones and Pat Barry. This exhibit will debut at the Spring Show in Lancaster, PA, and is scheduled to travel the country for two years”   I saw Sue Patten's but not all the other big name quilters so either I missed some or this was a partial exhibit.  Unfortunately pictures were limited to personal use only, no posting allowed.

Below is a quilt from the AQS show that I liked.  I am normally not a appliqué type of gal but lighter, brighter and whimsical are calling to me lately.


Lancaster Quilt Show

My friend, Dana had a quilt in the AQS Lancaster Quilt show this year.  We flew to Pittsburgh to rendezvous with a bee member, Judy who had moved back to PA last year.  We had so much fun and hope to meet up in Paducah next year and get more members of our bee together there.

Quilt Shows are always so inspiring.  Dana’s quilt is from when we did the Ostrich Round Robin for Special Projects at Bear Creek Guild a couple years ago.