Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back to the Mystery Quilt

I and the mystery quilt are back trying to make a go of it again. Impetus is that one bee member, Judy, is moving out of state and we want to show our mystery quilts at our March guild meeting. I think I am happier working piecemeal rather than make 400 HSTs etc. I can better visualize where I am going. I also cut some pieces wrong initially so jumped to another section. Today I went back to the beginning took it slow and here is the section that will be the center of the quilt.  Sorry this first picture is blurry, it was the one that was closest to the correct colors.

I worked on the mystery for two hours and the rest of the day I am working on this pineapple blossom (pattern from Rather than surprise Judy with a good-bye quilt we had her pick colors and we all sewed together. I am finishing up the borders and I hope to start quilting it tomorrow.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Silent Auction

These are the pretties that came home with me from the guild’s silent auction.  I bid on a couple other items but lost out to other bidders.  Looking at these I think I see a light colored quilt in my future as the colors in what I was drawn to all were light and airy.