Friday, July 22, 2016

I Won A Raffle Quilt

This post is very late.  I was actually notified in December 2014.  I meant to post pictures in 2015 but that is a year that got very busy quickly for me. 

December of 2014 I was in a hotel room in Detroit MI, having traveled there for work.  I got a call that I had won the Arlington Quilt Guild's raffle quilt.  It was especially nice because the call came on my birthday.  They wanted to know if I could come to their meeting to accept it.  Since I was not in town we arranged for me to accept it at their January meeting.

I bought a ticket at Rally Day in July 2014.

It's a beautiful quilt with excellent workmanship.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Willow 2 Landscape is finished.

I have donated it to Quilter's Guild of Plano for their silent auction at the Quilt Show in August.  I hope someone wants to take it home.  It was fun to make but it is stressful putting it out there for others to evaluate.
It looks wonky in the picture but it measures within 1/8 inch on each side.  I need to pay more attention when I put something on the design wall for a quick picture.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Monkey Wrench or Churn Dash?

I have been making these blocks as taught in Anita Grossman Solomon's Craftsy class.  They are fun and easy.  She calls them Monkey Wrench.  I always thought of them as Churn Dash.  Regardless I like them.

These are mostly in cool colors and I am going to use them to border my 2015 row by row quilt. 

It is really cool how they are made -- as plaids and stripes stay lined up with no extra work.  I like wonky plaids in blocks but there is something delicious about these no fuss match ups.  I have red striped fabrics that I collected so I am thinking I could use those. ....  Well I need to finish some stuff first.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Simple quilt and floor mats

Here is the picture of the quilt I described on the 21st.  (I saw this variation of Sunset Ridge Quilt (Moda Bake Shop) Crafty Mummy  blog.  The original quilt is by Chrissy Lux  Sunset Ridge Quilt ).
It is small and went together very quickly.  

Last Memorial Day, my neighbor came over because her plans had been cancelled.  I suggested we try to make floor mats.  I had seen some at Happiness is Quilting in McKinney, TX but they were sold out of the pattern.  I did buy some of the rubber backing, and modpodge there.  I searched the internet and found this post How to make a mod podge floor cloth  

We used my stash as she doesn't sew.  Her's is the red with border stripe, and mine is using a jelly roll I had.  I used more of the jelly roll in the quilt at the top of the page.  She had problems with the mod podge so she glued her fabric down first.  Now that I have pictures I see I have an edge flipped up on mine and she has some bubbles....

We used linoleum for backing.  Both of us vacationed in June so no further work on them.  They need a polyurethane coat on top, and the rubberized stuff on back.  It was an easy project and one morning soon, I'll get up and outside before it's too hot and work on finishing them.