Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quilt Swap - Girlie

I participated in a mini quilt swap with ladies from the APQS Forums.  I received the following request from the participant I was making a quilt for:

Anything girly or fun. Love pastels, florals, glitz, etc.  Also love brights and abstracts.

I changed my mind several times but finally settled on the center of a four winds block because I have always thought that looked like twirling tulips.

I started with the pink floral print....initially my others fabrics were more brights rather than pastels but while shopping with my bee I picked up some new ones.  Still when I put it together I was worried that the dark pink tulip and blue background overwhelmed the pastel print.  I did some of the vines and heart quilting in the border in green to add color and I think the purple binding added balance to the piece also.


  1. Very nice - what a clever way to interpet the block!

  2. Wow your right they do look like twirling tulips. I love it!