Monday, February 7, 2011


I have just returned from my first cruise. I wanted to try a cruise, but since I would be going alone, I wanted it to be a quilting cruise. There are a variety of quilting cruises, but I chose my cruise last September and I wanted to go early in 2011 and have classes that interested me. I ruled out cruises that had mostly appliqué projects as I don’t do hand appliqué. I also ruled out ones were the projects were too simple.

The cruise I chose focused on EQ7 (quilt design software) and photography. I had a great time. There were 3 teachers:

Mary Ellen Kranz

Barb Vlack

Gregory Case

I took only one photography class and the rest were EQ7. I recommend all of these teachers. EQ7 also gave us gift bags with a gift certificate and a copy of the new stash fabrics to add to our software.

My roommate was a wonderful woman from Vancouver Island, BC. Gerrie took many more photographic courses than I did and that will be evident in the pictures below that she graciously allowed me to post here.

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