Monday, March 28, 2011

The Center of The Labyrinth

I finished quilting the labyrinth on Sunday. I had turned it to do the feathers in the last two borders. I had not quilted the center because I wasn’t sure what to put there. I finally decided on hooked feathers in the gold and a curl and spikey curl in the green.

The tension was bad as I worked clockwise around the center. I hadn’t thought about it or I would have done half of it before I turned the quilt. Sewing right arcing back to left was a problem. I ripped it out and it was better the second time, so I left it.

I used the same orange thread as I did in the border. It blended in to the two center fabrics more than I expected. I am posting two pictures so the designs show a bit. I am not thrilled with the hooked feathers but I like the texture.

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