Sunday, June 12, 2011

Turtle Quilting

I have almost completed quilting the turtle. I understand why many people work in series, because there are some things I would do different if I make another.

I played with this and didn’t rip out anything, just let it be. Background has vines, bubbles, and wavy lines for water. I added green vines on each side and a little bit of coral on the bottom right.

As I was working on it today, I was thinking about when we made it. Two of my sisters, and one of my brothers had flown to Texas to help me during and after surgery. I wanted a project to do while I was recovering and had bought the line drawing of the turtle from Susan Carlson’s website.

My sisters and I worked on gluing pieces of fabric to the turtle. Betty selected the fabric to outline the divisions in the shell, Jeanne selected the interior colors. It was fun. It was also a turning point for me, back in March.

I’d had breast cancer with surgery and radiation in 2010, then this year the need for an immediate hysterectomy with the possibility of more cancer. I had mentally prepared for many things, but suddenly everything was good again. The doctor was able to do minimal invasive surgery, no cancer was found, suddenly my future was bright, and I was able to enjoy time with my siblings.

So thinking of these things as I quilted, I wrote “Life lived Well” in the background below the coral. I mean to live fully and healthfully.


  1. Your turtle is great, and the quilting with color for the coral is nice, How big is miss turlte?

  2. Glad to hear life went your direction, Peggy! I think turtles symbolize mother earth in native american culture -- good project to pick!