Sunday, August 28, 2011

Design Wall and To Do List

I have been travelling so much this summer that I was surprised by what I have on the design wall. It is a small wallhanging that I need to add borders to and quilt. I made the center in 2002 or 2003 (?) at a David Walker Gulf Coast Quilter’s Association workshop in Baton Rouge, LA.  David teaches a meditative contemplative style of designing and working which I really enjoyed.

It is raw edge appliqué. I made the center based on a photo of a street car light on a foggy day in the Garden District of New Orleans. It has sat as a UFO for some time because it was narrow and needed borders and I wasn’t sure I had enough fabric, nor was I certain what I wanted to do for borders.

I have been in Virginia for a week on vacation. I was there for the earthquakes but got out before Hurricane Irene. I got home late Friday night and sometime Saturday noticed my design wall in a kind of cartoon double take. Too much gallivanting, I guess.

Before I can finish the Moonlight wallhanging, I need to finish another UFO quickly because I am # 13 on the Stashbuster Yahoo Group UFO Queen’s list. Fortunately I have a donation quilt that just needs a binding since I often procrastinate on bindings. Next I really need to get caught up on the mystery quilt. Sometime I might go grocery shopping and do some housework but those are not high on my list.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Progress on the mystery quilt

It's been a lazy weekend.  I was not feeling well on Saturday and today has been lackadasical.  I was trying to accomplish something tonight and can't get my points to match.  Here is a pick of the blocks and the assorted red violets I have collected for a later part of the mystery.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Borders Added to Hexigon Quilt

I returned from a quick trip to Vegas at about 12 am. Then I surfed the net, checked my emails and dallied until 3 am, so I am dragging today, not so much from Vegas but because I needed some time to settle back in at home.

I did manage to get the borders on the hexagon quilt and I doodled some this afternoon thinking about how I am going to quilt it. I think a flower in each hexagon and practice in the borders…maybe vary the border doing something in each different section. It won’t go on the machine until later this week, so my thoughts are still percolating.