Sunday, October 15, 2017

Deborha Boschert Workshop

Friday I took a workshop  with  Deborah Boschert.  This is her website
From her website this is the description of the class:

"Captivating Compositions for Art Quilts
Deborah introduces eight design guides that get the creative juices flowing. Look at examples of captivating compositions from fine art and the quilt world. Create a “sketch” for each of the design guides using fused fabrics. Learn to edit, audition and improvise using a super helpful design checklist. Explore adding details with machine and hand stitching. Your completed set of fabric sketches can be used as instruction and inspiration for future art quilts."

She is a great teacher.  She is helpful, clear, encouraging and supportive.  I feel like I grew with this class. Below are the sketches I made - note some will get more stitching eventually but I stopped playing with them because I am eager to take what I have learned to a bigger project.

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