Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Merry Wall Hanging

 I wanted to make a small quilt for the guild silent auction.  It's a fundraiser at the quilt show which will be in October.  I tried to go through old projects thinking I might finish one but I was dissatisfied with the ones I had available for one reason or another.

Last weekend I decided to use this Patrick Lose pattern that I had - I'd made it once before for a gift exchange in my sewing group back in 2010.  

I didn't finish a ufo but I used stash fabrics and had a lot of fun choosing colors.  A couple pictures look slanted.  I snapped a quick photo on a design wall that is just leaning against the wall....then I dropped my quilt off so I couldn't correct the phot.  it is a rectangle!

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Had A Fun Visit With Grandies Last Month!

 The are all such sweet kids!  Of course some of them aren't really kids anymore.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Sarah Bond Class

 I took a zoom class from Sarah Bond.  I love her work.  I can't find a website for her but this is the instagram

I took the class in June from Mancuso.  It was called coming full circle.  This is a picture of one of her quilts.  She taught us how to do all the different circles.

I made blocks of the string circle.  I didn't think it through though...I was using 3 colors but with a darker purple accent.  the part I didn't think through was I just had a little of the purple I didn't think about needing more to do a full circle.  But it was fun.  and she is a good teacher.  

this is my first effort.

I have a lot of projects going at this time, so I don't know when I will do more but I eventually would like to do more.  She also taught us how to do circles in an hexagonal setting.  Below a picture of one of her quilts.  I'd love to do something like that.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Adding Roads to BOM

 I spent a couple days sewing with friends at the retreat center.  I had lots of fun but didn't get as much accomplished as I'd hoped.  I think I will add the road by sewing segments into quarter circles instead of all the road as one big circle added to one big circle of houses.  this was something I saw on The Quilt Show forum.  It is very helpful to see how others are tackling the BOM

Tuesday, May 18, 2021


 During this time of covid isolation, I have enjoyed taking classes online.  I have taken several though the Mancuso Shows

Two recent ones were very good.  Phyllis Cullen taught Put On A Scrappy Face.  She is an excellent teacher and I enjoyed it so much I also bought her book.  I am looking forward to doing more portraits.  This is my progress so far - I need to add leaves for a headress and then layer with tulle and quilt

I also took Mixed Media Graffiti with Margarita Korioth as the instructor.  She was a great teacher too.  We went over many techniques.  

I especially liked learning how to make cheesecloth skins.  Her class kits where well supplied and generous.  She included the label above for us to put on our projects.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

I Have an Easel

Taking classes last week, one teacher said I might see better if I worked vertically.  Also I had a backache from being bent over working on this project.  So I ordered an easel and splurged and ordered a flat light screen.  I don't have the screen yet, but I am looking forward to being able to trace things by putting the screen on this easel.

Pic shows my "Scrappy Face" class project.  I am calling it "my boyfriend" because I look and think about him so much!  

Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Magic of "Flow"

 Retirement is interesting and wonderful.  15 months ago I stopped working even part time.  Then Covid came.  I have done a lot of sewing, improved my organization (still a long way to go) and housekeeping.

I have really enjoyed online quilting classes.  Tuning into Zoom for instruction has lots of advantages.  I am sitting in my sewing room - no regrets that I didn't bring purple fabric to class.  Also, there is an up close view of the teacher's demonstrations.

This last week I have taken 2 classes from Mancuso's Spring Quilt Festival    I have a third today.  I will, hopefully blog about them and other things I have been working on.

So Friday was a great class with Phyllis Cullen   She is an excellent instructor.  I will show my progress soon.  Even though she had us stretching regularly and I even got on the floor and rolled the kinks out of my back I still ended the day stiff from being bent over my sewing table picking tiny pieces and putting them onto my project.

Now that I have been vaccinated, I plan to sew one or two days a month at the Retreat Center   My goal for this year is to do more.  I can get caught up in browsing the internet, reading or playing games.  I often sew a half hour in the morning but frequently don't go back and do anymore later. Taking a sewing machine and setting it up at the retreat center ensures more productivity and some socialization.  

I thought that for the month of May it would be a good goal to do ART 3 hours a day.  I think I can commit to sewing, quilting, or learning each day.  Today is easy - I have a 6 hr class.  I plan to count watching teaching videos in my time too so if I'm stiff or it's dark and not easy to see my work I can review or learn something while sitting in my comfortable chair.

But...this post is about "flow"!  Let me tell you about my morning flow.  I woke at 3 am unable to get back to sleep.  I can't just take a nap later as I have a 9 am class.  So I meditated in bed hoping I'd fall back to sleep.  Didn't sleep.  Got up at 4:15. 

 I browsed the internet.  Another teacher from this week, Estrita Austin had recommended working vertically if it was hard to see the pattern you were tracing or painting.  I browsed amazon and found an/easel drafting table drawing/sketching board.  It sits on your desk but would enable me to work vertically.  I put it in my Amazon cart.  Next I browsed for one of the large flat light tables.  A couple friends got them and I have been struggling in the last year with tracing patterns.  I put it in my cart, knowing I'd like it but I had no extra money until the middle of the month.

I really wanted to lay back down and sleep for a couple hours but I still couldn't.  I was browsing the internet, again.  I thought I'd play a few games on a social casino.  Legal in that you don't gamble, but can win sweepstakes prizes.  So here is my serendipity.  I had $9.74 on that site.  I started playing.  I won $50, then I won $120 then $360 up and down it kept mostly going up.  I cashed out $1000 and bought my easel and light table.  It was a wow! morning.