Sunday, May 20, 2012

Catching Up

Time has slipped away from me and I have been remiss in blogging.

A quick catch up and I will try to do better.

I was sick a bit and then travelled to Final Four in New Orleans and had a great time with family there. 

Brandon and Natalie visited for a weekend and we went to Dinosaur Valley State Park and had lots of fun.  Unfortunately that same weekend I dropped my camera by the pool and it won’t work.  I purchased a new one but I am having problems uploading photos.  Purely operator error and I expect I will have some soon.

Sewing – I made samples and wrote directions for snap bags using the metal tape measures.  At our guild meeting we gave people  pieces of pre cut tape and the directions.

I got as high as 4th lady-in-waiting on the UFO Queen’s list so I finally finished the binding on the hexi quilt.  I will post pictures when I can.

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