Saturday, May 24, 2014

3 little quilts

I found this pattern in Paducah and decided to make three wallhangings before I went for a weekend in Michigan.

I used a striped fabric so I didn't fuse stripes like the pattern for the socks.  I also forgot the pattern had the feet turning out so only one is like that.  I fused and then quilted the pieces down.  I used a fusible I wasn't familiar with and didn't realize it should have been steamed so the red shoes are a little fuzzy.  I did a zigzag type stitch with the long arm.

I had some wide brown rickrack so I pieced that in the seam of the border to look like a skirt.  That wasn't in the pattern but I thought it looked cute.
I ran out of dark floss when I got to this one so I later added to the lettering with a tsukeniko ink pen to make it show up more

I was rushing to finish them the night before so two have fused binding and the they may look wavy in the pictures because I just slapped them on the design wall to snap a picture. 

I quilted swirls in two of the borders but leaves and flowers in the turquoise one and only did one border not two like in the pattern.  Quilted leaves and swirls in the background.

quilting pics. 

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