Thursday, January 12, 2017

En Provence Link Up

I have all clues 6 and 7 done.  I began putting the blocks together but have decided to change some things.  Fortunately the designer, Bonnie Hunter, is always gracious about telling us to make the quilt our own.

First I added more variety in my green yellows.  Next I decided the four patches in the sashing looked too chunky
So I picked a green fabric to use in the sashings but then I decided I didn't like the hourglass units in the sashings.  So below is how I will do the quilt.  Note some of what is pictured is sewn and some is just new pieces added on top of others or the design wall.
It is so much fun to do these mysteries every year. To see others' progress  Click Here

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  1. Celtic Solstice is gorgeous, and love your blues and greens,,,,,