Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trish Stuart Workshops

Trish Stuart spoke at our guild on Thursday, 1/12/17.  She is funny, with a warm and generous personality.  This is her website:Trish Stuart Designs

She taught two workshops and I attended both.  The first was Freedom in Motion and she supplied a kit for wool applique on linen.

Some in the class made more precise and very pretty renderings.  I made mine much more quickly with a carefree approach.  I really like it.  I know the horizon line is slanted but I will correct that in the squaring up.  I need to add the burlap ribbon and some embroidery and it will be finished.

She also supplied linen and we were able to make a second one without a pattern.  This is what I played with and I obviously have more work on the stitching and design.

The second day of workshops was her Curves Made Easy and there was a kit for this poppy pattern.  It is very striking with many colors and lots of browns and oranges. Excuse the masking tape.  The workshop was held at a vacant store in a mall and the window was the only place to hang her quilts.

Because it was a more complex class we learned the technique but didn't get far in the project.  Trish supplied a kit with fabrics similar to her original but I came home and my project morphed into an ice blue poppy.  I am really enjoying this but I need to pick out a background that goes with the color changes.  I am thinking something like a gray barn wood look but I need to go shopping/auditioning.
Not all of the fabric is sewn, some is glued, and some just pinned.  This is the kind of project that will need to mellow on the design wall for a while.

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