Sunday, August 6, 2017

2 Workshops with Gyleen Fitzgerald

I took workshops on Friday and Saturday.  It was lots of fun.  I knew I liked Gyleen Fitzgerald's techniques as I had seen her on The Quilt  Show and I have her pineapple ruler and book.

The first class was called Going in Circles.  The techniques presented were clear and easy then we had one on one help with arranging the designs.  A lot of good information was shared.

All the fabric is from my stash.  We were instructed to bring 4 color groups and not be too matchy.  I decided at the Dallas Guild lecture on Thurs. night that I wanted to take this class.  I didn't have a lot of time to pick fabrics but I chose magenta/yellow/bluegreen/white.  I think I ended up with lots of light and the whites read as solid.  The two yellow florals and two of the blue greens read as basically the same fabric.  So I think it was interesting color choices, but the yellow dominates as do the lights.  The way we did the construction we used the fabric amounts equally so it wasn't possible to limit the yellows.  They really come forward.  I think I should have had more motion in my whites, also.

The Saturday class was Play Modern.  This was a fantastic class.  Gyleen's butterfly technique is so great to make these easily.  When I first started quilting around 1993 I tried to make a tumbling block quilt and I found it too difficult.  I am happy I learned now and I have several ideas in my head about future quilts.

Supply list was 3 one yard pieces of fabric for the big tumbling blocks.  I had the darkest purple in my stash as I purchased it last fall for Bonnie Hunter's Mystery and then used a different fabric.  I don't have many one yard pieces of fabric in my stash so during lunch at Friday's workshop I went to a quilt store and picked out the light and medium pink/magenta.   The accent pieces are from stash.  The class was a technique class and I am trying different designs but my progress so far is below:

I highly recommend this teacher.

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  1. Love your tumbling blocks! They look great. I want to try this too.