Sunday, August 29, 2010


I always overestimate how much I am going to accomplish.  This morning as I sewed new leaders for the longarm, my DSM ate at the fabric.  I thought I got the snarl cleaned out but had to open up and clean under the throat plate 3 times before everything went smoothly again.  I was trying to install my new leader grips today.  I think I am going to like them, but after I sewed the new leaders with a casing for the dowels, I realized the dowels I ordered were too long.  I went to the store to get a small saw....found a bookstore...went out to lunch...returned a couple phone calls....well the day is shot.  At least I have tomorrow off work :)

Saturday I was at a quilt shop for a class.  At the beginning of summer Quilt Among Friends offered a summer pass for $40 and then you could take any class in June, July, August.  I overestimated how many classes I could take....  I got a message Friday that I was signed up for a class on Saturday...well I had to scramble to get fabrics.  I bought some and used some from stash.  It was a paper piecing class...good fun and I learned some things that made it go easier.  I am definitely glad I have the button on my sewing machine that will cut the top and bobbin thread.  I don't need another UFO, but I have always liked these twist type patterns.

I think the blue side could transition better in the lights.  While I was looking at what fabrics to bring, I found some blue and green solid that will work well in the t-shirt quilt...the braids I am making for accents between the shirts need more colors so that is a positive outcome from starting another project.

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