Wednesday, August 18, 2010

T-Shirt Quilt

On my wall I have fabric and t-shirts.  I am making a t-shirt quilt for a friend.  It has been on my mind for awhile.  We went shopping for fabric and she picked out this as background, and this red for a small accent border
There are 7 t-shirts. 
The other two shirts have a white background.

The challenge?  She wants a full size quilt.  These t-shirts are size small.  They were all selected with a places theme, so these are the only shirts she wants in her quilt.  Though I like the background, I am concerned about wide expanses of background with 7 shirts floating on top.  I have looked at additional fabric, but I haven't bought anything.  My friend lives across the country from me and I could send her pictures and get approval.

I think I will make some rows of squares on point or flying geese ... something to connect the t-shirts.

I am pondering using some of the extra t-shirt material (backed with fusible interfacing) to make these connecting rows.   I think that would spread the t-shirt fabric throughout the top and I wouldn't be adding fabrics that she hadn't selected.

I have these on my wall so I can contemplate the quilt.  I am binding my scrap quilt and hopefully as I work on that I will get inspired on the design for this quilt.  Hopefully, I will have pictures of my progress this weekend

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