Monday, May 2, 2011

Brandon's Story

My grandson, Brandon, and I have been working on another epic story.  It has been going on for
3 weeks and we talk on the phone almost every day for 30 - 40 mins.  He is doing most of the
work, I just have to supply some dialog every few mins.

In a nutshell we have travelled into the future.  I accidently started a war
when I woke the god of all elements.  4 giants are trying to kill me on a
beach.  A great white shark arrives with a saddle on to help me escape.  I get
injured and pass out.  I wake in "Imaginary Friends Land" where anything you
wish for will happen immediately. 

However there are 5 rules in IFL land.  I can't remember the last 3 because the
first 2 had me (silently) laughing.
    No romance
    You can't wish for the war to end

Sound like an 11 yr old boy?

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