Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Machine Quilter’s Showcase 2011

I took 7 classes at MQS:
          Filling in the Fillers                                       DeLoa Jones
          Lions and Tigers and Templates, Oh My!     Kim Brunner
          Frameworks                                                Diana Phillips
          It’s More Than ‘Just” Edge to Edge             Kim Brunner
          Glorious Gridwork and Fillers                      Gina Perkes
          Sampler Solutions                                       Deloa Jones
          Border Designs in Half the Time                  Dawn Cavanaugh

I also won the door prize at 3 of the 7.  How lucky is that?  Especially since not every class had a door prize?  I won the book “Frameworks” in Diana Phillips’ class, a ruler in DeLoa Jones’ Sampler class and the stitch out that Gina Perkes worked on in her Gridwork class.

I enjoyed every class and always learn something.  It is also true that I learn from every quilt I work on.  I plan to make a stitch out of some of the patterns and techniques to help me retain all the ideas.

I had an intuition that I would need two beds in my hotel room.  There was one possible roommate, who decided she couldn’t make the trip, then Leslie posted on APQS Forums that her travel partner had to cancel and she was looking for a roommate.  That worked out well and I attended the Awards Ceremony and the Audacious Auction with her and compared notes on classes and vendors in the evenings.

It was a great 4 day trip and I look forward to next year.  I was awed and inspired by the beautiful quilts, and enjoyed rubbing shoulders with the quilters. 


  1. I was in DeLoa's class Filling in the Fillers, I bet I smiled at you....lol