Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pictures of TAQG auction quilt

I returned home from MQS in Overland Park, KS at 11 pm on Saturday May 15th. I needed to quilt the little quilt for the TAQG auction so I could turn it in Tues night at guild.

I was fired up and inspired from all the beautiful quilting I had seen, but also a little intimidated. I decided that since this was someone else’s quilt and it needed to be finished quickly that I would stay with some tried and true work and just get it done. I tried a couple arches and circles but I ended up having to do the CC in the star points freehand because I didn’t want to keep ripping out stitches since the points were so narrow.

I used Glide in a cream with the magnetic bobbins for the first time and loved the perfect tension. The rose colored thread is permacore.  It is a cute little quilt, 28 inches square.

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