Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back To Back Trips

I have been travelling again. I had 4 days in Vegas, then 4 days in Washington DC. I flew back to Texas on Friday morning. Now Sunday night, I finally feel like I am settling back in with normal routines.

I had lots of fun in Vegas with my siblings. Below are some pictures I took in the Bellagio. Sometimes I take architectural snaps because I think I will use them in pictorial quilts. Time will tell….

I didn’t take any pictures in DC, though I thought I might. I stayed near Georgetown University and walked to and from my meetings. By Wednesday night I was out of reading material and suffering the ennui of character separation – I’d been so caught up in reading 7 books that I’d felt adrift not being able to touch base with them again for a year until the next book comes out. (Chronicles of Elantra series by Michelle Sagara was new to me 3 weeks ago). I also had a back ache from too much time lying on the bed in the hotel. Unfortunately the only night I considered venturing out was rainy and cool so I didn’t site see.

So I sewed on the mystery Sat morning and otherwise got little accomplished this weekend, but I am happy to be home.

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