Thursday, April 4, 2013

Monthly To Do List Linky Party

I came across this blog post  from Linda and backed from there to Thearica’s monthly goals linky sign up so I thought I would link up and post my goals for April.
  1. Put President blocks together with sashing
  2. Quilt Jane’s quilt
  3. Pre cut fabrics for Judy Niemeyer workshop
  4. Cut scraps for Pineapple Quilt
  5. Make Pineapple blocks
  6. Finish Color Study Donation top
At my last bee meeting one of my friends who had lost her husband spoke of “faux living” in the period of time after his death, until her sisters pulled her more into life.  I know I have been “faux living”.  I am making progress and don’t mean that this is a woe is me post.
 I escape frequently in mindless pursuits.  I have watched all the episodes of Burn Notice, Homeland, I have read all the Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers series by John Sandford, and now I am working my way through CSI series.  Usually if I watch tv or am talking on the phone I am also playing games on the computer.  I think this is me trying to max out my brain on empty pursuits.  Oh the books are good but I have devoured these things in a rush to avoid empty space and time for contemplation.  I think I have not done as much sewing since that is a time that allows contemplation. 
What is my latest crazy, empty waste of time?  I have been playing Monopoly on the computer.  It isn’t even that hard to beat the computer on the hardest level.  Just trade properties until you have a monopoly and refuse to give the computer a monopoly if possible – then just wear him (computer) down.
These goals and more may be accomplished since I will be going to a 3.5 day retreat in April, and I am turning my tv so I can sew while I watch NCIS.

I will close with my favorite quote  " How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives." Anne Dillard

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