Sunday, April 7, 2013

Secret Pals

Special Projects at Bear Creek Guild is doing Secret Pals all year long.  I think it is a great idea, because it is a way to get to know someone else in the guild, and fun to get presents!!

While I was in Lancaster, I shopped for gifts for my secret pal who I kept mistakenly calling my secret admirer, but I can’t show what I got in case she should read this blog and find out the source of her little gifts.  But look what I received at our last guild meeting:

I am enjoying reading the quilt stories and certainly recommend this book.  Thank you Secret Pal, this was an excellent gift for me.

The fabric is fat eights and I love the colors.  See how well it goes with the border and sashing fabrics I picked out for putting my president blocks together?  I blogged about receiving the blocks from guild members                     
 I am planning on putting them together at our retreat next weekend.

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