Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mid May Catchall Post!

Well I haven’t blogged in almost a month so this post will catch up on various things that are going on.
First April goals:
Jane’s Quilt – it is still on the frame but progress is steady now and if I can stay home this weekend, I will probably get it finished.  I put some pebbles in arcs using a glide thread and it just looked too dominating and thready so I spent about 9 hours ripping it out.  The glide is pretty but it has a sheen and I didn't want it to be so dominant

Pineapple -I have a shoebox full of 1 ½ inch strips for the pineapple and 31 blocks made.  This is an ongoing guilty pleasure that I am working on between other things

President’s blocks – I am close to having the top together minus borders.  I ordered more sashing fabric right after Retreat, but I must have selected the wrong fabric because it is different than what I ordered before.  It works well though.  Note I hadn't pressed the bottom row of sashing when I snapped the picture

Color Study top – no work on it
Two New Starts
In April I attended a workshop with a certified Judy Niemeyer instructor to start the Desert Sky pattern.  So one block is made, the fabric is cut and labeled and I have set it aside until I get caught up……
Early May, a friend and I spent a day working on the project from Gloria Loughman’s Craftsy Linear Landscape Class.  It was a very good class and I don’t think it will take a lot of work to finish it but I have set it aside until I get caught up……
While I am happy with both projects I started them as I spent time with friends and to learn new techniques so they are lower priority right now.
What else?
I got hit with an awful, evil computer virus and lost my hard drive.  I was without a computer for a little over a week.  This one was the fbi one where they try to extort money for you to send via moneypak.  Funny the top of the page shows cyber spelled correctly and the bottom it is spelled ciber. 
My niece, Stephanie has been in flight attendant training in Houston.  I went down to Houston the last two weekends to help her out with things and we have had nice visits but I plan to stay home this weekend.

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