Sunday, December 8, 2013

I am back

I haven’t been blogging.  I want to briefly cover the reasons and then get back on track.
I finished Jane’s quilt and I think she liked it.
In late June I got R’s quilt but I didn’t plan on starting it until after vacation with the kids in July.

I was melancholy some this summer.  My son’s birthday is June 22, and then in July it’s the anniversary of his death.  We had a big vacation without him.  All of these things weighed on me at times but I didn’t want to blog about it.  I also don’t want my grandchildren reading this in the future and wondering that I don’t mention him.  I love him and wish he was still with us.

After our trip to Colorado the Memphis girls stayed one night at my apt before flying home.  Both Lulu and Kearstyn helped me quilt on the longarm.  We did some more of the arts and crafts Aunt Jeanne brought to Colorado also.  I didn’t get a picture of them sewing, nor did I get one of Kearstyn but this is Lulu with her project (in the background you cans see Brandon with a white tshirt on bent over his phone.)

R’s quilt took up Aug, Sept, Oct and a couple weeks of Nov.  I was intimidated by its beauty and doubtful of my ability to do it justice.  In late Sept I thought I was in the home stretch and almost finished and then I realized all the stitch in the ditch (SID) around all the applique had to be taken out and redone because of bad tension.  In Oct I was cleaning my machine and I got the tip of the WD40 can too close to the hook assembly and the machine gobbled up the red straw jamming everything to a standstill.  I worked for days to get the machine retimed.  Her quilt is done. I think she likes it.  I will post pictures after she show it at the guild show in Feb.

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