Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Celtic Soltice Step 2 continues

I was putting the chevrons together wrong.  Fortunately I realized my mistake after only doing 4.  I found the mistake by reading another blogger,  Jo @

So it is a positive that others are doing the same mystery and so many are posting information.  Usually when I am making a quilt I do a couple blocks and put them up on the design wall.  I find out quickly if I am doing something wrong.  Doing the production style sewing of a mystery leaves me vulnerable to making all 100 or so wrong, which may be why the other two mysteries I have tackled are still UFOs. However, I can’t rely completely on strangers so I must acknowledge that when I do production sewing I should stop, measure, and review at times to make sure I am on track.

This chevron step has been the most time consuming one for me. They look so pretty.  I think they will add some movement and sparkle to the quilt.

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