Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Progress on Row by Row

I have been cleaning and organizing so less sewing in the last week.  Today I added 9 inch Monkey Wrench blocks to the row by row design wall.  I used the technique Anita Grossman Soloman taught in her newest Craftsy class and they go quickly.  I wanted to play and I have been thinking of how I will set the quilt.  I have a couple more row kits - actually 4, but I think I will only use two.  One kit has vinyl and I think I will pass that to someone at guild.  Another is water themed, but longhorns, cattle ranch style and I will pass that to a friend if she wants it.  I just don't think they will go well with what I am planning.

It's a very rough plan and I wanted it to keep moving.  If I overthink it I will stall.  I want to make a new couch quilt.  I need it big enough to cover a 6' 2" grandson.

So this is what my design wall looks like:
This row is from Minding My P's and Q's in Denton, TX
This row is from Quilt Among Friends in Arlington, TX.  It is from Edyta Sitar accuquilt shapes.  There are cut outs to add chicks under the umbrellas and fabrics to give them boots but I haven't done that part because I am wondering if I want to use the umbrellas individually or vertically rather than a row.
Last are the blocks I made.  Just playing and having fun.
The Monkey Wrench blocks could go together as a horizontal row as most of the rows are 9 inch finished.  I am also wondering about a row or two of flying geese...

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